Modesto Photographer

I’ve been a professional photographer for many years, in fact in Modesto I’m the longest standing member of the Professional Photographers of America. Welcome to the latest edition of my site.  I’ve had many.

I’ve spent years honing my craft of photography and refining how I approach weddings.  I’ve photographed hundreds of them, and I’ve been on local magazine covers (several times).  At this point I know a lot about weddings, what works, and what doesn’t.  Here’s what I think: having your photo taken should be fun, quick, and painless…and a wedding is not a fashion shoot.  I respect the love too much to treat it as anything other than the celebration of a marriage.  I’m sentimental, I look for emotion, just like water will find it’s own level, I watch for feelings to reveal themselves.  Weddings are fertile ground for all types of emotion from joyous to reflective.  Fleeting moments are everywhere, and I’ll find them.

I believe in giving credit where it’s due.  God blessed me with eyes that see the subtle qualities of light and how it falls on people and places and things.  He blessed me with a love for beauty…gentle folds of fabric in a wedding gown, one curl out of place, comfortable silence, or a stolen kiss.

Thank you for stopping by….